Wentworth, Everyone should watch it!

Wentworth, Everyone should watch it People you have to watch Wentworth, it's sooo good.(This blog may contain spoilers, but I sure will try not to spoil much if anything) 

First things first:
Wentworth is completely different to Orange is the new black. The only point of comparison for me is they are both set in female prisons. OITNB is first and foremost a comedy show, which also focuses on real aspects of life. 
Now down to business:
Wentworth is not a comedy its is real and it's brutally honest. Wentworth doesn't shy away from what prison life actually is, even from the first episode, nay the first 5 minutes. From drugs, fights, abuse, bullying and corruption. This is not a show for the faint-hearted. Now, this is a drama and its brilliant, but it does contain dark humour, and it's my type of humour. Dry humour and sarcasm, and the one-liner that makes me chuckle to myself. Furthermore, the stories in this show are insane, just when you think the plot surprises you, som…

Photographs from Tilgate...Finally

Photographs from Tilgate...Finally Now the other day, I went for a walk around Tilgate animal centre and the lake area with the sisters and mother. Now, this was 2 weeks ago but I couldn't get the images from the camera to the computer until recently. A few needed some editing but here they are.